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Contact Us

  • Address: 94 Foster Ave. Rockaway, NJ 89800
  • Phone: 684-990-345-389-5623

Manufacturing tradition since 1967…


AB VILKMA was established in 1967 in Ukmergė, consistently maintaining the long-standing traditions of our country in the field of textiles. The craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation ensures the competence and skills of our employees. It makes us proud of our achievements and responsible for maintaining our reputation as a reliable garment manufacturer. Enthusiasm for production and knowledge of the latest technologies in combination with experience and competencies acquired over many years, attention to detail, and reliable service – all of these elements ensure that the product we make is always among the best.

Why Vilkma?

We are a socially responsible company that fulfills our obligations to clients, employees, and business partners. We seek to ensure our employees’ rights and increase productivity, transparency, the safety of our products and systems, and the ethical and environmentally sound manufacturing of products and provision of services. This is confirmed by independent audits of our business ethics and social responsibility that have been executed repeatedly at the request of our client.

We manage settlement procedures and implement financial obligations reliably and steadily.

The quality management system has been certified following the ISO 9001-2015 standard. Continuous monitoring and improvements to the system help to ensure optimized production, management, and business-organization procedures.

Modern production lines and professional tailors’ work provide an opportunity to meet every customer’s expectations and fulfill all orders placed, from small, non-repeat orders to regular ones placed in large quantities.